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OMRI Certified

Coop Gro Fertilizer is sustainably produced and OMRI certified for organic vegetable production. We use chicken litter from our own chicken farm to create an easy-to-use, pelleted fertilizer that will feed your plants like nothing else! Our fermentation process creates the perfect slow-release formula that will feed plants without burning them.

Family & Pet Friendly

When we created Coop Gro, one of our top priorities was for it to be a product the entire family could use. We love spending time in the garden with our children, building relationships, and teaching them the value of growing healthy food.

Our formulation is safe for pets and children of all ages. It has a low odor compared to other chicken litter fertilizers and can be used without gloves or protective equipment. We hope you enjoy spending time with your family in the backyard garden, and it is our pleasure to provide a product that helps you produce more bountiful harvests.

Our Story
  • Fruits & Vegetables

    Coop Gro Fertilizer provides a consistent supply of nutrients for every vegetable in your backyard garden. From tomatoes to potatoes, you'll enjoy greater harvests and a full table with this all-natural fertilizer. It also works great on fruit trees including citrus, berries, peaches, plums, figs, and more!

  • Flowers

    Flowers not only put a smile on your face, but they also attract loads of beneficial insects and pollinators to your garden. Coop Gro works great for feeding annual and perennial flowers in your backyard garden or flower beds. Boost your flower game, stimulate bloom production and have more bright, vibrant flowers than ever!

  • Potted Plants

    Whether they're on your patio or in your kitchen, potted plants are a great way to grow fresh herbs and other seasonings for the kitchen. They also provide a nice accent to any home decor. Keep your potted plants looking green and thriving with a sprinkle of Coop Gro fertilizer added to the top of the soil every few weeks.