The Coop Gro Story

There's something special about watching plants grow and thrive. For some it's the satisfaction of growing their own vegetables, fruits, or flowers. For others it's the satisfaction of having the greenest grass in the neighborhood.

For us, farming is a way of life that started several generations ago. Adam and Julie are blessed to have their own farm where they raise chickens and use the chicken litter to fertilize their fields.

Creating Sustainability for Future Generations

Years of working with the earth inspired the idea for Coop Gro Fertilizer. Our goal was to create a soil-friendly fertilizer that enhances soil biology and gives plants what they need to produce bountiful harvests.

Our special fermentation process ensures your plants have all the nutrients they need in a non-burning, slow-release formula. We also love the fact that we're able to create this wonderful fertilizer by recycling chicken litter from our own farm. By closing the loop and recycling the chicken litter, we're able to create a cycle of sustainability on our farm.

There's nothing quite like enjoying the fruits of your own labor and knowing you're being a good steward of the planet. There's also nothing more satisfying than helping future generations understand the value of farming and growing food. From our family to yours, we wish you years of success and joy!