• Incorporation

    Coop Gro Fertilizer works best when incorporated into the soil prior to planting.

    For in-ground gardens, make a 3-4" deep furrow, sprinkle Coop Gro in the furrow, cover the furrow, and plant on top of it.

    For raised bed or container gardens, sprinkle Coop Gro over the entire surface of the bed and lightly incorporate into the soil.

  • Irrigation

    Coop Gro Fertilizer becomes accessible to plant roots when the fertilizer pellets are dissolved into the soil.

    When possible, try to fertilize prior to rain events so the increased soil moisture can aid in the breakdown of this organic fertilizer.

    If rain is scarce, run your irrigation system to moisten the soil and speed up the breakdown of the pellets.

  • Moderation

    Although some heavy-feeding vegetable plants (corn, onions, cabbage) can tolerate overfertilization, many others cannot.

    Follow our recommended application rates so you're not using more fertilizer than your plants need.

    This is especially important with flowering "vegetables." Too much fertilizer will yield all plant and little fruit.

Using Slow-Release Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers like Coop Gro have a slower release into the soil compared to synthetic or chemical fertilizers.

Slow-release fertilizers are great for plants because it keeps them properly fed over the long term, while contributing to soil biology in the process.

Coop Gro Fertilizer works best when applied 1-2 weeks prior to planting. This gives the fertilizer time to dissolve into the soil and become available to plants.

  • Backyard Gardens

    Preplant: Apply 2.5 cups per 10 sq. ft. of garden space.

    Reapply: 2-3 weeks after planting or seed germination, apply 1.5 cups per 10 sq. ft.

  • Flower Beds

    Apply 1.5 cups per 10 sq. ft. in established flower beds.

    For new flower beds, use 2.5 cups per 10 sq. ft. Reapply 1.5 cups per 10 sq. ft. in 6-8 weeks.

  • Trees & Shrubs

    For trees with a diameter of 4' or less, apply 1 cup per foot of tree diameter.

    For trees with a diameter larger than 4', use 1.5-2 cups per foot of tree diameter.

  • Potted Plants

    4" pots: 1 tbsp every 4-6 weeks.

    6" pots: 2-3 tbsp every 4-6 weeks.

    10" pots: 6-7 tbsp every 4-6 weeks.